Price List


Initial Consultation
All new clients must have an initial consultation before their first session which will take about 40 minutes on top of session time. If held at the same time and place as the treatment, it is free of charge.
£30 when held at a different time and/or place, this is a non-negotiable charge.


Swedish Massage, Sports Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Reiki, 

£50 90 minutes

£38 60 minutes 

£22 30 minutes

£12 15minutes

£07  10 minute taster or a quick 'blitz'



For Aromatherapy massage treatment prices, see above.

£3-£5  For Aromatherapy oils included in any other treatment, either for massage or in a burner; please add to the total treatment cost (essential oil prices vary greatly, so it depends on the personally tailored blend used; this will be discussed before booking an appointment).


La Stone Hot and Cold Stone Massage Therapy

£55 90 minutes

£40 60 minutes 

£25 30 minutes

£14 15 minutes



If performed whilst simultaniously giving another therapy, Reiki healing is free.

Reiki session one practitioner, see above.

If performed by a second practitioner while Gary simultaniously gives another therapy, or a Reiki session with two practitioners working together, please add 30% to the total treatment cost.

Distance healing, price to be confirmed, please contact me.

Reiki on animals or any non-human animate or inanimate objects, the price is the same rate as a standard treatment.



Pre book at time of booking; cancellation fees also  apply to chaperone.

£9.04 90 minutes

£6.08  60 minutes (in line with the national minimum wage).

£3.00  20 minutes, either as a session or in increments thereafter if session time is or becomes open ended.

Own accompanying chaperone is, of course, free.


Travel Expenses

20 miles radius from Crediton - free

21- 40 miles add 40p per mile

Over 40 miles, I will travel further, but please contact me to discuss.



Of course there is no charge for sign language - but sessions will take longer, so please allow for that.

Therapy swaps: if a client is a qualified therapist and presents up to date documentation, subject to my needing that treatment, I am happy to swap an equivent therapy session in lieu of cost.



Payments inclusive of any additional costs must be made in full and cleared before I travel and/or commence treatment.

UK high street bank cheques/UK postal orders to be made out to Gary Burbeck. Payment by cheque must be received at least 7-10 days before appointment to allow time for it to clear. For your own security, please send via recorded/signed for delivery; I am not responsible for payments lost in post.

Papypal is also acceptable, please add 5%  to the total cost (this covers stheir charges).

Cash accepted, especially at events and when booking more sessions in advance at the time of a treatment.

No travel, sessions or services provided until full payment is received and cleared.



Cancellation fees also apply to second therapist and/or chaperone if they were to be involved in the cancelled session. Add 25% to the total cancellation for either.

Less than 24 hours notice from appointment time will incur a charge of £20 to cover out of pocket expenses such as time and earnings lost, travel, admin and consumables where applicable.

Less than 12 hours notice or a no-show, the full fee will be chargable and any consumables (such as prepared Aromatherapy oils and such) will also be charged.