Sign Language Users

Having CACDP Stage I BSL and many years of signing experience as the father of an adult Deaf child, I welcome any BSL-using clients using either voice, British Sign Language, Sign Supported English or with clients' own communicator. Other signers may benefit too, such as Makaton and Deaf-Blind signing and if I can help, I will. I am unique in that I am a male sign language using Therapist and I would love clients to benefit from this as this is an area not easily accessed by communication impaired people.

I look forward to working with and gaining valuable experience from signing clients and receiving feedback so that both the clients and I gain positively from treatments. To make an appointment and discuss your requirements, or to give me information or feedback, please feel free to use the details given on the 'Contact Us' page.

I am willing to travel further afield; however, this will incur expenses such as petrol, food/refreshment and accommodation if necessary.

A signing female Reiki practitioner and chaperone is available (my wife); she also happens to be a stained glass artist and is happy to take commissions from signing customers as well. I can also chaperone when she is giving Reiki. There is a small charge for chaperoning in addition to the cost of treatment for this service (see the 'Chaperone' page for further information). For stained glass, see the related page.