La Stone Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Hot basalt stones on ankleHot and cold stone therapy uses stones to deliver the healing effects of alternating temperatures. The body is massaged and worked upon with smooth specially shaped and placed hot basalt and cold marble stones. Stones which are used for massage are oiled so they glide across the skin. Swedish massage techniques are used and it is between five and ten times more intense than a regular massage. 

 Benefits of Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

  • reduction of muscle tension
  • increased release of toxins from the muscles
  • increased release of the toxins from the body
  • relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety
  • alleviation of arthritic, ME, MS, rheumatic-type symptoms
  • stimulation of circulatory and lymphatic systems
  • enhanced healing process
  • aids sleep

A type of spinal layoutBy arrangement with the client, I use the provided previously heated water to fill the heater, switch it on and bring the water and thus stones to the correct tempurature which is monitored by me throughout the treatment. (There must be a suitable towel-covered surface provided by the client for safety and to avoid drips.) The client lies on the spinal layout stones and stones are placed upon key points on the body.



My La Stone cold marble stones


Cold stones are kept in crushed ice in a cooler. The two tempatures are alternated throughout the treatment which enhances the benefits of this therapy. As with other images of stones on this page, the cold stones on the right are my own.


La Stone therapy can also be used for chakra balancing and cleansing. I do this as a separate treatment, please see the chakra work page (when complete) for more details when it is added, or do enquire.

Please refer to the price list for cost.

     Hot stone on leg

Please refer to the price list for a comprehensive list of options and their cost.


There are many stone therapy products on the market; whilst not endorsing any brand over another, I prefer to use La Stone products, supplied by Stone Forest/Speciality Stones.