Reiki in Japanese scriptThe word Reiki means 'free passage of universal life force energy'. This energy is around and within us and its healing emanates from the hands. Reiki is not controlled, forced or directed, we simply act as a conduit through which the energy flows freely to where it's needed. Reiki is not a religion, but a spiritual practice which can be utilised by all regardless of creed or culture.


Some people find Reiki energising, making them alert - others may feel emotional or actually fall asleep during a session, like we did, complete with snoring! These reactions and anything inbetween are perfectly normal. The whole process is non-intrusive and ideal for nervous clients. Hands are gently placed on or over affected areas and key parts of the body and are moved to the next part about every 3-5 minutes or when necessary (hands remain still, unlike a massage). After Reiki as ever, clients should follow the aftercare advice on the Therapies page.

Options include:

  • A dedicated Reiki treatment given by myself or my wife or, for an extra cost, both of us.
  • Complementary Reiki given by myself. As I work, I allow Reiki healing energy to flow through me at the same time. This increases the positive and healing effects of the therapy being given without affecting the physical act of carrying out the treatment.
  • Complementary Reiki can also be given by my wife on one part of the body while I simultaneously give a different therapy on another. This, as above, increases the positive effects of the main treatment given, with the healing energy also going where it is needed.
  • Distance healing. Reiki can be sent no matter where the client is, or where we are. After a tailored consultation, both the client and Reiki practitioner begin the session at a mutually agreed time. This is discussed in more detail when making an appointment.
  • We can treat calm, quiet animals in the above ways too. In fact anything at all, whether animate or inanimate, can be given Reiki at any time, please enquire for details.

 Please refer to the price list for a comprehensive list of options and their cost.