Swedish and Holistic Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy is primarily used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, in particular the muscles. As well as relaxation, it can be used to theraputically complement maintanence or rehabilitation of whole body (holistic) or in part.

It is a natural and effective relief from the following conditions:

Me giving Swedish Massage in client's own home.stress, anxiety
depression and emotional healing
muscle and circulation problems
stiff joints and arthritis
headaches and migraines
coughs and colds
digestive problems
some skin disorders
soft tissue damage and other injury recovery
maintainence of healthy body and mind


Benefits of Swedish Massage:Enjoying a head massage

improves skin tone and colour
stimulates and improves circulation
promotes positivity and lifts emotions
increases lymphatic drainage
speed up digestion and waste removal
relieves muscle fatigue, joint stiffness
brings about homeostasis (equilibrium)
increased flexibility
invigorates body systems
regular massage maintains positive effects


A Brief Overview of Some of the Techniques Used

Effleurage - consists of sweeping even strokes over the surface of the body which also spreads the medium. Effluerage aims to relax muscles and encourage blood flow and circulatory return to heart.

Petrissage - involves kneading and rubbing with the hands and/or fingers which breaks down tightness and tension in larger muscles. It improves suppleness, elasticity and helps release toxins and their removal.

Friction - is specifically for work locally around (but not on) damaged areas to break down lumps, knots and working closely. Friction  gives very good results, especially for activity-related problems.

Performing vibration Vibration - trembles extremely tight muscles to release tension in the local area - manual or mechanical devices can be used. With other techniques, it can aid pain relief.

Percussion - these are brisk, stimulating, rapid rythmic strikes which are light but firm and not at all uncomfortable (which incudes 'hacking' - the classic massage stroke with vertical hands rapidly chop-chop-chopping). Although it does not get rid of it, percussion helps breaks down fatty deposits which makes for better muscle tone and firmness.

Please refer to the price list for all the available options and their cost.